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enumset Tag

Attribute List:

This tag outlines a set of enum tags. It acts as a "switch" declaration. See enum for more details. It is available in all templates.

Note that you can also use the queryattribute to directly grab data from your database into an enumset - for example, getting all manager IDs and names. See below for details. You can also include enumsets from separate files using the sqlinclude tag.

Type of tag: Open/close 



Required: Yes
Values: Any unique id

This will allow any field that references this enumset to use it.


Required: No
Values: Valid SQL query.

If this is included, the enumset data will be taken directly from the SQL query given. This way you can leave the enumset tag as a self-closing tag and you don't need any enum tags. The first field returned from the query will be taken as the key of each enum, and the second field as the value.


<enumset query="SELECT id, name FROM myDB.managers ORDER BY name"/>


Required: No
Values: Valid MySQL database name.

Unless you passed SparseThisPage() a MySQL connection object, you might need this to make sure your query executes properly.


Required: No
Values: true | false

This is true by default. If set to false, Sparse will check for the enum keys in a case-sensitive manner. In other words, the following is possible:

<enumset id="enum1">
  <enum key="t" value="Tab" />
  <enum key="T" value="Table" />

Note that this attribute will be ignored (hah!) if this is a "link" enumset (i.e. one with the src attribute set). Instead, the individual enumsets inside the linked file would have to have this attribute set.