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sqlmessage Tag

Attribute List:

This tag just indicates where the message after updating (e.g. "All data updated!", "There was an error with one or more values.", etc.) should go. By default it will go at the very top of the template enclosed in <H2> tags. It should always be outside the sqlrow tag. All attributes are relevant to edit and add templates (this tag will be ignored by display templates).

Type of tag: Self-closing



Required: No
Values: Any HTML markup

This allows you to put markup before the message; the markup will not be displayed if the message isn't displayed, but will be displayed if the message is displayed. You can use this to e.g. enclose the message in a separate row:

<sqlmessage startMarkup="[tr][td colspan='4']" endMarkup="[/td][/tr]" />

Note that the < and > have been replaced by [ and ]. This is a shortcoming of XML itself; putting tags inside an attribute is considered to be "not well-formed". Sparse will replace all instances of [ by < and ] by > before displaying it. Alternatively, you can use references like &lt;&gt;, and $quot; in your attributes.


Required: No
Values: Any HTML markup

If given, the value of this attribute will be displayed after the message if the message is displayed (and will not be displayed if the message is not displayed). See startMarkup.


Required: No
Values: CSS class

Works like any other class attribute.


Required: No
Values: CSS style

Works like any other style attribute.