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sqltoolbox Tag

Attribute List:

This tag acts as a sort of pseudo-template; it allows you to place controls that affect an entirely different template, possibly in an entirely different page. This is useful for placing controls in one frame and the data in another one. The navigation tools will update dynamically if Ajax is enabled. Eventually I'd like to make a popup toolbox available to all Ajax programs instantly. The following tags can be placed within an sqltoolbox:

sqlaction with the following types: csv, csv-all, next, previous
sqlresults (note that using this on a separate frame when Ajax is disabled won't do you much good, since it won't update dynamically.)

If you use a toolbox and have Ajax enabled, you should make sure not to have any navigation/searching/sorting etc. inside the actual template (i.e. have all the requisite tools in the toolbox). This is because the stored session (e.g. current page) may be inconsistent if the user switches between using the toolbox tools and the template tools.

This tag must be outside all sqltemplate tags.

Type of tag: Open/close



Required: No
Values: Relative URL

This is the URL for the page containing the template you want to affect. Note that it must be a valid Sparse page (i.e. with SparseThisPage() at the top). If this is not given, the current page is assumed.


Required: No
Values: Non-negative integer

This is the index of the desired template on the page - in other words, if you want to affect the first sqltemplate on the page, set this to 0, the second one would be 1, etc. If not given, 0 is assumed.


Required: No
Values: Valid HTML target name

This is the TARGET attribute of the form, i.e. the HTML-given name of the window or frame you wish to affect. If not given, the current frame and window is assumed.