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Sparse: HTML Tag Reference

Here's a rundown of all the fun things you can do with Sparse. There aren't many tags (which is good) but there are lots of attributes, allowing you to customize your template to the nth degree. Have fun!

Common Attributes

The following attributes can be used on any Sparse tag (see Referencing Tags in the documentation for more information).


Values: Any string.

This identifies the tag for use in the ref attribute of another tag. If the id is set to default, it will be referenced in every tag with the same name.


Values: Any valid previously defined ID, or a comma-delineated list of IDs.

This references the tag with the given ID. Any attribute defined in the references tag will be automatically appended to the current one (if the current one also has those attributes, they will overwrite the references attributes).
If this attribute is given a list of IDs rather than a single ID, the attributes of all of them will be included. The later IDs will supercede the previous ones. for mo


Values: true | false
Default: Depends

If this is true, the tag will not be treated as a Sparse tag when parsing. This is useful for tags which are only meant to define values to be used elsewhere by using the id attribute.
By default, hidden is false; however, in the following situations, it will be true by default and you'll have to set hidden="false" to display it:

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